People’s lives are extensively controlled by hidden dynamics. The difficulties in couple relationships, with children, work, diseases and lack of happiness in life are consequences of these secret dynamics.

The different individual layers that control our life and our problems are revealed in the Cosmic Power® Family Constellations.

You can EXPERIENCE this new form of systemic work with Sophie Hellinger and Bert Hellinger and undergo integrated healing.

Die Hellinger sciencia® is the science of our relations in the continuous progressive development of Family Constellation by Bert & Sophie Hellinger.


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~Laws of Healing~

Getting well, staying well

When we talk about healing, we are often thinking about physical healing alone; we locate the source of pain in our body and attempt to alleviate it. But beyond the body, healing encompasses the soul. Both need to be considered and treated well. Often we feel the pain of the soul even more intensely than the pain in the body. So we may ask, from where does the soul draw the confidence for healing the body and healing itself? This confidence comes from love. It draws on a love far surpassing the love that makes us ill, because, surprisingly, illness is also a manifestation of love, though its nature is of a different ilk. The love that heals the soul - and then the body - is unfathomable, outside the scope of intellect, and yet we know that it is there, vast and powerful. And so we contemplate it, lower our heads before it, accept it wholly. This book will guide you through these realms of healing. And as you move beyond the boundaries common opinion into the expansiveness of essential understanding, the insights, meditations, and inner practices will light the way.

Bert Hellinger     
Book/English/more then 130 pages

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