People’s lives are extensively controlled by hidden dynamics. The difficulties in couple relationships, with children, work, diseases and lack of happiness in life are consequences of these secret dynamics.

The different individual layers that control our life and our problems are revealed in the Cosmic Power® Family Constellations.

You can EXPERIENCE this new form of systemic work with Sophie Hellinger and Bert Hellinger and undergo integrated healing.

Die Hellinger sciencia® is the science of our relations in the continuous progressive development of Family Constellation by Bert & Sophie Hellinger.


15.04.2014 A message for the participants of the Cosmic Power® Seminar: For all those who have already registered for the Cosmic Power® courses. I consider it...
27.03.2014 Sophie and Bert Hellinger are united again. After the break caused by a disease, Bert Hellinger will be present LIVE at the Family...

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The Churches + THEIR God

This book reads like closing words. The long arc of Hellinger's thinking and doing over time is completed in this book. Here it is brought to the apex. At the same time, this writing leads to another expans of consciousness, into a daring consciouness, into an unknown expanse – into another expanse of love.

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