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The Hellinger sciencia® Constellations by Bert and Sophie Hellinger are mediated through the Hellinger®schule and their lecturers in the training course for “Hellinger sciencia® Constellators“ worldwide. All courses by Bert and Sophie Hellinger and the Hellinger®schule will be credited to the training course.

Family Constellation  according to

Bert and Sophie Hellinger


Family Constellation can be helpful for people:

•   in problematic relationships

•   who wish for a relationship

•   who want to free themselves
     from family entanglements

•   who are faced with important

•   who want to overcome inner
     or external conflicts

•   who search for professional success

Contexts in which constellations can help finding solutions:

•   in conflicts and fateful events
     in relationships and the family

•   when parents who separate
     want to find the right
     place for their children 

•   when people keep experiencing
     themselves as outsiders

•   when people cannot “allow”
     themselves to be happy and

•   when historical events have had
     an impact on the family

•   in case of mobbing, constant diseases
     or employees’ loss of motivation 

•   when disturbing interactions or
     events within a team need to be
     processed before or after a structural
     changes in the company

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