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The Hellinger sciencia® Constellations by Bert and Sophie Hellinger are mediated through the Hellinger®schule and their lecturers in the training course for “Hellinger sciencia® Constellators“ worldwide. All courses by Bert and Sophie Hellinger and the Hellinger®schule will be credited to the training course.

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A wunderful feedback from Brasil....


I´m in contact just to share a personal testimonial.

It was Christmas of 2015 and we had a family fierce discussion after what that I felt so bad because I have offended too much my mother.
A day after that I was walking in the city and found a bookstore. I took the book from the therapist Joao Garrida where he talked about the orders of love and constellations. Going beyond I started to buy all books from Dr Hellinger and their most close discipules.
Fast forward, after I made the 'pray' for the gratitude of the life a couple of times, doing the exercise as Mr. Hellinger teaches ("You are my best parents, you are my best father... I am your best son...), my life changed for far better: I restore my relationship with parents, I was hired for a very better job, I could live close to my parentes 6 months since last November/2016 working home office and me and my ex-wife are aparted one from each other.
So, I was one that didn´t gave the real value to my parents and I recollected a life with lots of job changing, unemployment, bankrupticy and several bad relationships.
Now I feel how love them, how I have a will to make them happy, how I like to receive from them what is apopriate being 50 y.o. and really I feel the strengh that comes from the ancestors.
Thank you Mr. Hellinger, being able to help me only by your valuable books and youtube videos shared.