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The Hellinger sciencia® Constellations by Bert and Sophie Hellinger are mediated through the Hellinger®schule and their lecturers in the training course for “Hellinger sciencia® Constellators“ worldwide. All courses by Bert and Sophie Hellinger and the Hellinger®schule will be credited to the training course.

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Meditation – Level 1

Find a quiet moment, a quiet place, where you can meditate uninterrupted.

Everything else can and needs to be put aside now. You alone are gifting yourself the time to connect to the all encompassing cosmic energy.
We tune into a very definite frequency. In this frequency a very special form of linking happens and can change the state of our consciousness.
We focus on the all encompassing power. The one that repeatedly knocks on the door will have it opened.

•    Take your glasses off

•    sit up straight in a comfortable position

•    feet on the ground and slightly apart

•    palms of the hands rest on the upper thighs

The inner command:
Now I want to meditate. This is a manifestation of one’s will to oneself.  I am here, to connect to this one, all encompassing power and complete consciousness. Smile, defocused gaze.
The defocused gaze syncronises both sides of the brain and opens the gaze into infinity.
We remove ourself from the material world. Eyes are slightly open and do not close. When the eyes are defocused, there are no longer any eyelid flutters, letting the eye muscles and eye lids relax. We don’t see anyone defined any longer yet we see everything. The eyes remain slightly open.
Take each breath to it’s maximum. And pay attention, that the lengths of each in and out breath are the same length. It’s flowing breathing – no pressure or exertion. It is quiet breathing, as quiet as everyday breathing. We follow the rhythm of our breathing until we fully relax and empty our mind – smile.

Should something distract you, consciously be aware of it and say ‘Yes!’

Should further thoughts still arise, then realign again to the all encompassing, one power, without supressing these thoughts or wishing to get rid of them.

Connect anew to this realm with each breath. It’s not about ravishing the meditation, but the breathing. The meditation must succeed in tune with and through the breathing.

When we feel something somewhere in our body eg a pain, then perceive it and simply say ‘thank you’. Breath with soft gaze. Only when we don’t perceive anything around us, only then the eyes fall closed.
Now the breath is even/shallow. The body is sleeping and internally everything is wide awake.

Length of the Meditation:

Before your meditation set you inner clock. Everything that is longer than 30 minutes, is considered sleep, not meditation.
Should the wish be for something to trully change in one’s life, then meditate 3-4 times daily, for 40 days.

Inner discipline is required.

If meditation has not taken place on one day, then start back again at Day 1 and continue on from there again. The breathing is to be practised until it becomes ingrained. This form of breathing can be implimented before or during an important meeting eg. For example in situations that seem difficult and irresolvable to you.

Practise the breathing and make your own personal experiences.

All this holds no promises, is instead a possibility and an offer to becoome an active co-creator of one’s own life.

Sophie Hellinger