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The Hellinger sciencia® Constellations by Bert and Sophie Hellinger are mediated through the Hellinger®schule and their lecturers in the training course for “Hellinger sciencia® Constellators“ worldwide. All courses by Bert and Sophie Hellinger and the Hellinger®schule will be credited to the training course.

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Question: What is Cosmic Power about?

Cosmic Power is the force that moves all. It is the force, if we can and may call it a force…since the word “force” limitates and carries a specific concept. Yet it is the source of what moves everything. In this sense it doesn’t matter whether I look at a stone or at a person. They way each one was formed to what it or the other is, was only a matter of time.

Question: Can anyone learn it?

Yes! Trough constant practice. One who apllies enough time and patience can advance very far here.

Question: How is Cosmic Power related to Family Constellation, for example in the latest evolution, the wordless constellation?

Cosmic Power is the basis for the Hellinger Sciencia Constellations. Here I don’t need to listen anymore to the problem someone has, but I hear with my heart. I have my heart opened through my eyes. When a person come and sits next to me, I know what he or she feels and I know what he or she thinks. Usually there is a great difference to what the person expresses as the problem. Generally the root lies somewhere else than where we think. Yet the fact is that in every problem lies the solution. This is why it’s not necessary to talk a lot. Sometimes it is important so the mind is set aside in order to keep it busy. The great art in Cosmic Power is: when do I stop, saying:”Stop, I don’t want to know this about the other person”?

Question: Why not?

There is an inner necessity because I experience it as painful very often to see what the other person does, how he or she walks straight towards misfortune without being allowed to utter a word that indicates that. Bert has taught me to remain silent and to let the other person walk towards his or her misfortune. Sometimes I think to myself: “There is such a potential in the background, can’t I intervene?”…as I result I’m often in an inner conflict.

Question: In what conflict?

If I should give hints to call the person’s attention towards the misfortune he or she aims at in order to avoid it. Or precisely not.

Question: Why?

Because it can be sensed what is possible and what isn’t! Many times the person has to make the experience, anything else would delay the severity and prolong it.  

Question: What is the “field”? What is in it? How did it come into existence? Is it still growing? How is it “filled”?  

With the Hellinger Sciencia Cosntellations we enter the quantum field. It could also be called the Akashic records. Every thought, every action and every feeling are stored away in this field. It is pure energy, which is available there as information.

Question: Does this field of information have one plane or many? Are there so to speak deeper layers with “better” answers?  

The constellation openes a gate to enter this timeless space. As we know anyone can call himself “constellator” and with each one the gate opens. If the constellator and the client as well carry an intention, then it is as if they hasd entered a room and had searched and found the first available door for the solution. Yet this room has other uncountable doors.  If the constellator is able to remain without intention, then maybe the next door will open.  Now the question is what door opens up, if there are 10 or 20 different doors. The possibilities are always in resonance with the constellator.  If I then enter the next room, the next plane, then there are another 30 doors and so on.

Question: Who decides when to interfere in a constellation or not? The field? The client? The constellator?  

If the constellator is without intention, one room after the other will open. the more I speak, the more likely I will remain in the first or second room.  Only if a constellatos doesn’t feel obliged to deliver a solution to the client, because he or she is afraid to lose that client, ONLY THEN they together will advance forward.

But let’s consider he or she enters other rooms, then this takes hold of all the participants who are present. From this field the information into whose ressonance the people present enter opens up. The Hellinger Sciencia Constellations aren’t personal constellations anynmore and even so the client experiences a liberation. They are always constellations for the attentive observer. They are like mass constellatons, in which every one receives exactly what he or she is able to put into practice.

Question: Are there no more personal constellations?

Of course they also exist as personal ones, if we look at what happens with our mind, but in that person who wished for this constellation, all the people present find a resonance for their own problems at the same time. Possibly at that point they aren’t even aware of the problem. For example it can be a problem from many lifetimes before or from a future life. This means that this problems coming from a past life is connected to an uncountable number of people and the conflict created back then wasn’t solved until today. It can reveal itself during the current life in the form of the person being unable to establish relationships, that he or she may earn a lot of money and then lose everything again or works a lot without every owning anything. Another example of a person with a healthy lifestyle, yet being constantly ill.

Question: I would like to know more about that!

Through the Hellinger Sciencia Constellations with the use of Cosmic Power® we enter planes where the client doesn’t need to verbally formulate the issue. Inf the field of constellations many many problems, which have remained unsolved until today, reveal and open themselves at the samt time. It can happen that the representatives in the constellation keep switching the person they represent. we never know with whom we’re dealing.  

Question: How do I as a client recognize the real problem Wie erkenne ich als Klient das wirkliche Problem?

Only if one doesn’t reflect on it with the head, but surrendering oneself with all senses to what happens. The more detailed the description of the issue, the more it leads to a determination. This would “freeze” the healing or the solution, e.g. the issue of sadness remains unsolved. If one lets one’s mind analyze the problem, the person becomes powerless. This is added to sorrow or self-reproaches, because the person tells him- or herself that everything was done and tried out and yet nothing has led to anything.

Question: How does one achieve the state where the head, the mind is put to rest?

In order to put the mind at rest, there is the possiblity of asking the client before the constellation what the issue is. Then the client’s mind is occupied and he or she feels taken seriously. I myself hear it, by forget about it immediately afterwards, and expose myself with all my perception to what happens.

In everyday life I can calm myself quickly by stopping to defend my own convictions. This always means struggle, conflict and the argument is preprogrammed. I fight for every conviction as if it would mean my own life, yet all of that is superficial.  It’s not about having no convictions. It’s about allowing the other’s convictions to be valid as well.

Thus I come back to the beginning: I’m not supposed to intervene. I see the other person’s conviction. At the same time I feel sad since I see that this conviction makes it impossible to free the potential. It is only a tiny separation – and yet it is incredibly big. The person is unable to cross this boundry.