Learning with Bert and Sophie Hellinger

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Training and Continued Education 

Hellinger sciencia® always in the flow of time

practical help for oneself and others


Bert Hellinger is the founder of Family Constellation as it is used today. The results of his many years of research were compiled by him as “science of the relations between all that exists“ and defined as Hellinger sciencia®
Many recent experiences have shown that family constellation work is steadily gaining increasing interest all around the world and is being applied in more and more different areas. Therefore, Hellinger sciencia® is now offering you a new advanced seminar and training concept that incorporates the application in these varied new areas of use.
This new Hellinger sciencia® seminar and training concept offers specialization over and above the application of family constellation work. The latest specialization training is designed for those who wish to become Hellinger sciencia® organizational constellation facilitators. 

The Hellinger®schule is committed to the contents and insights of Hellinger sciencia®. This is imparted in theory and practice and guarantees the adherence to the quality and purity of Family Constellation in the spirit and within the meaning of Bert and Sophie Hellinger. 

This way it establishes the connection to the source, building the basis to success. It functions, above all, as a


and as such hands people during its seminars the tools with which they are able to achieve success in life.

The Hellinger®schule is an educational measure recognized by the regional government of Oberbayern (Germany) and is established as an instuction for continued education for adults. The Hellinger®schule is directed by Sophie Hellinger.

For detailed information and registration, we are at your disposal: E-Mail: Tel.: +49 (8652) 656465

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