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The Hellinger sciencia® Constellations by Bert and Sophie Hellinger are mediated through the Hellinger®schule and their lecturers in the training course for “Hellinger sciencia® Constellators“ worldwide. All courses by Bert and Sophie Hellinger and the Hellinger®schule will be credited to the training course.

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Constellation Seminar with Gerhard Walper

Lecturer Gerhard Walper
City Bad Reichenhall
Country Germany
Start 29.08.2018
End 30.08.2018
Languages German / Englisch / Russian / English
Price 220 EUR
Constellation Seminar with Gerhard Walper

Constellation Seminar with Gerhard Walper in Bad Reichenhall / Germany

Constellation Seminars are our offer to all persons who simply want to get to know Family Constellation. And for those who would like to make a specific issue and set it up in a constellation. In constellations or other approaches, the problems of the participants find possible solutions.  
These seminars are about life assistance and first-class support. Experience has shown that each individual participant benefits. What is special about it is that even if he personally does not make his own constellation and is "only" present as an observer or as a representative, he benefits for the rest of his life. 

In the past,  Constellation work was strongly focused on the "symptoms" and the client's concerns. This "symptom attachment" has often blocked and prevented the view of the true causes and the hidden problems. Hellinger® Family Constellations show what really operates in secret and blocks love and peace. Only then is a solution possible and peace can return to the families. 

In the Constellation Seminars one constellation after the other takes place - without theoretical explanations and interpretations, sometimes interrupted by small group exercises or inner journeys, so that at the end everyone can take something valuable and helpful for themselves out of the seminar. 
Constellation Seminars are open to all interested parties and without prerequisites for participation.

At a Constellation Seminar people with different concerns, fears, worries and life stories encounter each other. That is why the centered posture is of great importance. If the representatives go into a constellation in a centered way, healing may take place on another level.

Seminar schedule:
8/29 2018 Wednesday 2:30 pm - 7:00 pm & 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
8/30 2018 Thursday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm & 2:30 pm - 7:30 pm

20 credit hours

For further information:
Hellinger® office
Tel.: 0049 8652 656465

Venue location:
Konzertrotunde im Kurgarten
Raum Thumsee 1.Floor
Salzburger Str. 7
D-83435 Bad Reichenhall

Pease note, that this seminar of the Hellinger®schule may be recorded on video. With your registration you agree to these recordings and their publication.


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